In-depth knowledge of our commodities

In-depth knowledge of our commodities

In-depth knowledge of our commodities

Pure ingredients in combination with flavour and functionality, new technological developments, client requirements and social issues like the improvement of product formulation: these things form the basis of our profession. We invest in understanding our clients and in in-depth knowledge of our raw materials. We are able to create added value for our products by making a strong effort to accumulate product expertise in herbs and spices, and the uses in various product applications. The point of departure is that it can always be even better and even tastier. We support clients in improving their product formulations, like salt reduction and clean label.

The conversion of knowledge to culinary innovation provides added value to our clients. We entered into a partnership with master chef Angélique Schmeinck, to inspire us to find innovative and surprising flavours.

Angélique Schmeinck & Intertaste

‘What I do for Intertaste is to make my knowledge of flavour visible. It all revolves around us trying to reach new heights together. Spices are used for seasoning, and this makes them fascinating. You can use spices to add more depth and refinement to dishes and products. If you use them properly, you can even get away with using less salt and / or sugar.’
‘The mind maps (spice maps) that we work with, like the ones I also use in my books, show us which spices are the “flavour mates” for certain ingredients. In other words: which flavours go with nutmeg, for example. In this way you can also make various applications visible, which is great for product development as well as sales. Spices can truly make a product unique. One mind map for a specific ingredient leads to endless possibilities. It stimulates creativity, allows one to see connections and to continue to discover. This also allows one to catch on with developments in the food industry, fast.’
‘I consider the collaboration with Intertaste fascinating; it is an entirely different ballgame. Intertaste has exceptional product developers, and I am there for culinary advice, where creating transparency in flavour relationships is the most important aspect. We are actually developing a new tool which can be used to answer questions from within the market.’
‘I think it’s fantastic to see how the entire Intertaste team works with the spice maps. I receive a great deal of questions on product combinations, from the product developers, which stimulates the activities surrounding flavour development and innovations. Since the entire team participates in the sessions, creativity soars within the company. The entire team is enthusiastic, the collective knowledge is enormous and the team members really keep one another on their toes.’









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